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    Artist: Hubertus von der Goltz

    Material: Steel

    Installed in 1998

    Location: North side of Friedman Hall, Western Michigan University

    About the Artist: Hubertus von der Goltz was born in Germany where he received his education, as well as attending school in Italy. His work is known internationally and is represented in the United States by the Fassbender Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

    "The theme of my work focuses on the individual and the balance between thought, action and existence - a basic human experience. Each figure exhibits a specific relationship to its environment, and the viewer's own reflection and participation endows the figure with purpose and meaning. The beginning and end of each balancing act is unseen, and discontinuous events are fused by spatial structure into a single new reality." – Goltz

    Information was recieved by the WMU Permanent Art Collection. (source)




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    Type(s): Outdoor Sculpture

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    • Hubertus von der Goltz


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