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    Circle of Life

    Tuck Langland

    "Circle of Life" Monument


    5' H Figures on 5' H Pedestals

    Part of the permanent collection of Bronson Methodist Hospital (Kalamazoo, MI).

    The "Circle of Life" monument is composed of four figures: "Dance of Being", "Dance of Transformation", "Dance of Dormancy", and "Dance of Beginning".

    The two male and two female dancers each represent a different ethnicity and point in the circle of life. The first, an African woman, symbolizes the beginning of life. The second dancer takes the form of a European man and represents maturity. Third is the Indian sculpture of transformation, representing death. Finally, the Native American figure represents dormancy before the cycle begins again.

    "My concept for the setting," says Langland, "came from the fact that hospitals are places where people are born and die - so I suggested the theme of life." It was an idea that Langland had been working with for some time, and Bronson Hospital provided the perfect stage for the four bronze dancers he eventually crafted.

    Details About This Piece

    Creation Date: 2001

    Dimensions: 5' H Figures on 5' H Pedestals

    Type(s): Sculpture

    Media: Bronze

    Associated Artists

    • Tuck Langland


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