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    Attention Scriptwriters!

    Date Posted: 09/28/12
    Organization: All Ears Theatre
    City: Kalamazoo


     All Ears Theatre is dedicated to fostering new talent behind the scenes as well as on the air. Each season features radio classics as well as works that are newly written or adapted for radio theatre.

    If you are interested in submitting a script or a script idea, see the format requirements below. For more information, contact

    Script Format Requirements

    Here are the requirements for radio/audio theatre plays submitted for production consideration by All Ears Theatre.

    1. Scripts used by All Ears Theatre (unless other special arrangements are made) will be considered "Works for Hire," and All Ears Theatre will retain full rights for public presentations, recording, and future electronic transmission/radio broadcasts of any script selected for performance by All Ears Theatre. The author(s) will retain all other rights, including the right to have productions/performances by other organizations, excluding any material/information associated with All Ears Theatre, including music, openings, closings, etc.

    2. Scripts are to be submitted on both hard copy and computer disk in either Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect format. Deliver scripts to Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, Epic Center, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 203, Kalamazoo MI 49007.

    The script is to be typed in Times Roman 12 point and double-spaced with 1" margin on all sides of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Line numbers are to be on all script pages. Please note that both Microsoft Word and Corel Word Perfect provide automatic line numbering, so it isn't necessary to manually type in line numbers. A title sheet and cast sheet (in the format indicated) are to be attached to the script. Page numbers are to be in 12 point Times Roman and be located at the top right corner of the script pages. They may be part of the header.

    3. Because of the limited rehearsal process in producing a radio theatre performance and the exact timing requirements for broadcasting, script edit decisions need to be judicial and timely. The playwright has the option of being present at all rehearsals -- in which case the playwright will collaborate with the director on edits. If the playwright chooses not to participate in rehearsals, the director will have the right to make edits to the script without consulting the playwright.

    4. The script is to be between 27 1/2 and 28 1/2 pages. The title sheet and cast sheet are not considered part of the script pages. A general rule of thumb is that one page equals one minute of performance. The final script will be approximately 30 pages long when the standard opening and close of All Ears Theatre is added to the play.

    5. The terminology for sound effects and music cues is to be in accordance with the script sample (see below). Use bold for sound effects and underline music cues. Other formats, such as "SFX," are not to be used. It is important that the same terminology be used throughout all scripts performed by All Ears Theatre. Consistent terminology will ensure that people involved with the productions will understand all script language.



    Contact Info

    Name: Beth McCann
    Phone: 269-342-5059

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